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Mandala Panels



Thank you for stopping by to check out my work!  Below you will find four galleries, each one offering a sampling of my work in 4 areas: My original Art Stones, Tea Light Holders, Round Mandala panels, and the 4th gallery holds a variety of smaller items.  Use the navigation buttons, or click the center photo in a gallery to see a larger view, and navigate from there.  I hope you enjoy!

Original Art Stones

These are such a joy to create!  They are hand made from start to finish, from hand pouring the cement molds to painting each unique mandala design, and finishing each one with a signature and protective top coat.  NOTE: My intro “Mandala Stone Workshop” teaches the dot art technique using these wonderful stones, and each student leaves the session with their own complete Mandala Stone.

Tea Light Holders

These beautiful pieces are also hand made from start to finish.  Starting with hand poured cement, these unique tea light holders are hand painted and professionally finished on the bottom with felt to protect your surface.  Signed, sealed, and beautifully boxed, they make a wonderful gift for that special person.

Mandala Panels

These Mandala Panels are my newest work and I can’t wait to explore more and more of these.  I use a variety of sizes and surfaces to create these unique mandalas, including canvas, birch wood and (a few) MDF.  All pieces are protected with a top coat, signed and ready to hang with hardware installed.


The following gallery includes other items I love to create and customize with beautiful mandalas, including pendants, magnets and pop sockets (A.K.A. phone grips).  There truly is no end to the beauty that mandalas can bring to a space!