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Mandala Panels


Hey there and welcome!

I’m Nancy, the creator behind Hope Rocks Studio.  Thank you for visiting my brand new site and seeing what it is all about.  Hope Rocks Studio originated as a way of spreading hope in the early days of the pandemic.  I was working at a retirement home and noticed one day that someone was leaving tiny little painted rocks at the front entrance of our home.  I thought, “How sweet”, and decided to contribute some myself.  That led me to start leaving rocks with ‘hopeful’ messages in friends’ and neighbours’ gardens, and eventually along our local walking trails here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  It became a family activity and we quickly became known as the Rock People, and I myself as the ‘Rock Fairy’.  

But it didn’t end there.  My rock painting continued to evolve and grew into a full time passion.  I began to explore the beauty of Mandalas, working with the energy within and creating from a deeper sense of love, peace and gratitude.  I had found my path.  This practice is both healing and meditative.  Eventually, I left the retirement home to create full time and share this art form with all who love and appreciate it as much as I do.

As my exploration of the mandala deepened I began to cast my own stones, creating perfectly round smooth surfaces for my art work.  The joy of working with these art stones is immeasurable.  My newest exploration has taken me to create on round canvases and wood panels.  As I grow and explore this art form, my ultimate goal is to create beautiful mandala murals to really enhance and influence the energy of a room.  Stay tuned and follow me on Instagram to see where it goes. 

What next?

Want to explore the world of Mandalas with me?  Head on over to the GALLERY page to see more.

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Want to create your own mandala art?  Head on over to my WORKSHOPS page to learn more.

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